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Friend Request by Beachygrl92
Friend Request
Mia is looking for some friends to go on a beach day with!

Go ahead and leave your beachsona with a link to their ref!
Roomies by Beachygrl92
Adorable roomies that are in a love hate relationship

Pigeon belongs to :iconclever-pigeon:

Mia belongs to me!
Beachsona by Beachygrl92
So I decided to make this a little nicer looking and go more in depth!

Name: Amelia "Mia" Mullinex
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: A-sexual 

Personality:  Mia a cute little beach babe with huge hips that she shakes on several occasions (only when appropriate tho). She likes to obsess over hot tourist butts because they will never see her again. She has a surfboard, but hardly ever uses it and would rather go fishing or making people into pretty sand mermaids. She is currently working at a daycare and saving up so she can get one of those really cool mermaid tails that everyone has. During the school year, she attends college an studies to become an elementary school teacher. On the weekends, you can find her either in her room on her laptop or at the beach playing in the water and fishing.

Occupation: Daycare provider/Student (studying to be a teacher)
Place of Residence: Beach City

Likes: Working with children, the ocean, all animals, her bed, pranking tourists, BUTTS
Dislikes: Snobs, people who are cruel or mean to children/animals, people who pollute the environment 

Friends: None (Just Ask!)
Roommates: Pigeon 
MLP Next Gen- Twilight and Flash by Beachygrl92
MLP Next Gen- Twilight and Flash
Here we have Diana! The youngest child and only daughter of Twilight Sparkly and Flash Sentry 
She is the prodigy child, being trained under Celestia for her powerful magic and of course being an Alicorn. She is the heir to the Princess of Friendship and is envied by her eldest brother, Speedy who was originally the heir. She gets along well with Herbal Mint and has a troublesome relationship with Themis and Timewarp, never trusting either with the amount of power they hold. She is very close to her older cousin, Flurryheart, since they both were born with some...troubling circumstances.
Would you guys like to see more MLP next gen characters???


amy cooper
United States
Heyyyyyyy all my lovers out zer <3

I hope that you all know, I am a woman.

Im only 14 years old, and still growing

Would you guys like to see more MLP next gen characters???

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